We pride ourselves in providing only the best and safest training and instruction in the industry. Our airline graduates have long, safe, successful careers in the airline industry and our recreational pilots have always been safe and well versed in all types of flying. Some of our graduates have also gone on to command fighter and transport aircraft with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Additionally, this year marks the fourth year we have had the privilege to train young adults to the Private Pilot Licence through the intense 7 week scholarship program associated with the Air Cadet League of Canada and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

      Super T Aviation Academy will assist you in obtaining world class training and command leadership. Our clean, modern training facility will facilitate rapid learning. Our city is perfectly located so as to promote consistent flying due to Medicine Hat averaging 300 days a year of sunny weather. The school and the city are also small enough to minimize distractions available in larger, more metropolitan areas. All four seasons are represented in South Eastern Alberta and safe operation of an aircraft within these seasons is paramount as your country and ours share the same types of weather and climate.

      We are close enough to large centers to train students to be safe in congested airspace and far enough away to promote very low wait times to be airborne. This approach to training maximises the student’s dollar while exposing the student to varied types of traffic and flying conditions.

      We have many different programs starting with the Private Pilot Licence, Night Rating, Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument Rating, and Multi Engine Rating. We can also go as far as preparing you for a large aircraft endorsement such as the Boeing 737, the aircraft on which I have been a Simulator/LOFT instructor as part of my career as a Captain with West Jet Airlines.

      Our training staff has well over 100 years of aviation experience. Our attention to detail will ensure that when you graduate, you will be able to fly an aircraft anywhere in the world safely and confidently. We can train you with basic instruments as well as EFIS (electronic flight instrumentation system). If a full airline preparation package is requested, Super T Aviation Academy will introduce you to a full 5 tube EFIS suite as found in the most modern Boeing 737, 600, 700, 800 and 900 series aircraft. All training will include the use of cockpit flow, command structure, cockpit resource management, CFIT, weather and all Transport Canada requirements for the licence you need. We will assist in preparing you to convert your licence to your home country.

      Through our association with the Medicine Hat College we are also able to offer English-as-a-Second-Language training. Medicine Hat College has been providing ESL training to foreign students for over twenty years and has a well established home stay program that promotes a rapid acquisition of English language skills. As well, the Medicine Hat College has a variety of Diploma and Undergraduate Degrees available, to make your learning experience complete.

      With every training package selected, Super T Aviation we will ensure you receive the attention to detail that promotes a safe, efficient and confident pilot able to operate your aircraft worldwide with the skill and precision demanded by our industry, air traffic control and hobbyists alike.