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Get a unique aerial view of Southern Alberta with one of our experienced pilots or purchase a gift certificate for family or friends.


Enjoy the view from high above Alberta's plains. Follow the South Saskatchewan River as it carves its way east through the prairies. On this tour you can see teepee rings left by Alberta's native people as well as an aerial view of the world's largest teepee, towering over Medicine Hat.



Experience the majesty of the highest point and the only place untouched by the last ice age East of the Rocky Mountains. Home to herds of wild elk and plant life found nowhere else in the world the Cypress Hills are a unique part of southern Alberts natural history.



Cutting through the vast prairie landscape lays the Red Deer River valley, home to Dinosaur Provincial Park. An aerial tour through this valley will reveal the rugged badland landscape where some of the greatest paleontological finds of all time were discovered. Under the layers of clay and coal lie the prehistoric remains of one of the Earths most fantastic creatures, the Dinosaurs.



This two and a half hour tour will take you over Cypress Hills Provincial Park, then west to Red Rock coulee. The ferrous sandstone concretions found in Red Rock Coulee were formed in the long dried up Bearpaw Sea and are among the largest found in North America. After this you will head south to the Sweetgrass Hills. The Sweetgrass Hills are the remnants of 45 million year old volcanic activity. Their hulking figures stand tall over the prairies and can be seen for hundreds of kilometers. From the sweet grass hills you continue along the milk river valley to Writing on Stone Provincial Park. Writing on stone is a sacred place for Alberta's indigenous people and contains the famous 'hoodoos,' sandstone rock formations unlike anywhere else in Canada.